Monday, August 16, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours

There is nothing worse for me than being away and getting a phone call that there is an emergency at home. I am so helpless and when my "wanting to help" feeling kicks in, it is so hard to focus on what I'm doing because there's only one place that I really want to be.

Sunday morning at 5:00 a.m. my phone rang. I was up running around the hotel already and figured that it was Chuck's "where are you right now" call - when I picked it up and saw my mom's name I knew it couldn't be good. I answered with hesitation and heard her crying saying "its an emergency - the tree feel!" I knew immediately and my stomach sank. For years now they have been asking their landlord to have this 100 year old rotten mess taken out but he wouldn't because of the cost and he insisted that it wasn't rotten. Well guess what? IT WAS! Thankfully no one was hurt. Thank heavens. Structures can be fixed. Cars can be replaced. The question still remains, is the structure safe? The landlord says it is ... I have my own opinion.

Since I was out of town I truly didn't understand the magnitude of the disaster...and I do mean DISASTER. Carla emailed me photos that I was able to see when I got home last night and I was shocked. This morning I went over to the house to get the ball rolling for them and it's definitely rolling in full swing. Here are a few of the photos. Carla did an awesome job capturing it but even these photos don't do it justice.

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