Monday, October 18, 2010

A Glimpse of Her

Have you ever had those moments where you think you hear a voice from your past or you see someone that makes you do a double take because you thought that it was someone that you once knew.  Sometimes I hear a song that makes me laugh because it has a fond memory behind it.  Sometimes it's just seeing a photo of a baby and thinking "wow, she really looks like ... ".  It happens to me.  Maggie has a way of posing for a photo almost every time I pull out my camera.  Its a stance, a specific hand placement, turning of the foot and hips.  I remember the first time I took a photo that came out like this - it took my breath away.  Since Maggie was born I've thought that I wish my Grandma could see her - what would she say?  Then I saw the picture.  Only my Grandma would pose this way for any and every photo op that she could.  And now Maggie does.  She's never seen these photos of Grandma - it's just something she was born with.  And every time I see one of these photos, I laugh.  It makes me smile that I'm looking at my little girl who is so much like the one of the best people I ever knew ... and they have never even met.

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