Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gone Too Long

Just the other day Maggie reminded me (again) that I haven't been updating this site.  When I went out to it, I realized that it's been MONTHS!  Ugh, I'm so bad at this stuff.  So, for those of you that read this, I'm sorry.  I officially have lost myself in the day to day routine. 

So, it's a new day.  Lots has happened since I talked to you last.  Maggie turned 8 and started 3rd grade, Emma turned 6 and started kindergarten, Steve is inches away from finishing school up and I'm still plugging along with not a whole lot new to report! 

No, there are no photos on this post.  Why?  Well, I'll tell you.  Back in September, Maggie tried to download a game to my laptop and POOF 33 viruses.  So, all of my photos from the summer are on a USB drive and the photos I've taken since the computer crash are still on the camera. 

Anyway, we're back on track!  Come back and visit!  I'll have more updates soon.

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