Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another One Bites the Dust!

Up until 2 days ago, Mags had lost 3 teeth in all. Yesterday, 4 teeth total. Today, 5! She is SO excited! One of her top front teeth came out first and one of the bottom teeth this morning. She came running out of the bathroom this morning yelling "Mama look what I can do!" and she was twisting it sideways. Now, I don't knoww about you but this entire process totally freaks me out. I get the cold sweats, chills up my spine, the whole bit. YUCK! How did I survive it when I was the one loosing teeth? NO IDEA!

So, as you can imagine, the Tooth Fairy can set up camp at the Mantel's! We have 2 more loose ones that are getting closer to coming out. Plus, if you take into consideration the fact that we are pretty sure that Maggie doesn't have any form of pain receptors, it moves the process along quickly. The front tooth that came out yesterday, for example, wasn't all too loose ... until she got her hands on it. Again, I am totally ooked out!

This isn't a great photo, but here's my toothless babe!

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