Saturday, May 8, 2010

I can't help it

I've been gone for a week. It was supposed to be 6 days but was "lucky" enough to end up spending a night in Denver on my return. Nice! At that point I had about 2 hours of sleep from the "night" prior on my side and seeing the plane pull away from the gate in Denver after a 2 hour delay in Vegas was NOT my idea of a good time. Enough with the rant. :)

This was one of my, if not my most successful program to date. It was busy and crazy and there were so many little things that came up but it was great. Day 1 was 55 degrees BUT Chuck and I got to go and see LifeHouse and Daughtry. Cold? Couldn't feel it in there because he was smokin! For the program we brought in a Cirque troop to perform aerial acts during one of our dinners, completed a team building exercise where we assembled and donated care boxes to our troops in Iraq, did a Wheel of Fortune Game Show ... oh yes, I was Vanna. We had a life-size card board stand up of our favorite VIP that was quite well received too :) and I had a toilet that not only was heated and washed your hinder but when you walked within about 2 feet of it, it automatically opened the seat for me and closed it when I was done! Anyway, here are some photos of my room, the view and of course, Larry & Larry. :) As soon as I get more photos I'll throw them up here too!

Next stop .... VEGAS, again, Tuesday. I have a confession. I adore my husband and our wonderful friends and the thought of vacay after this last trip is thrilling BUT the thought of parking this wagon in Vegas again is not my idea of a good time. BUT, we'll have a blast I'm sure so I'll be back with Game Show pix, vacay pix and who knows what else!

My View

My Room/Bathroom

My Toilet Controls

Larry & Larry

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