Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's only May

Normally we don't see 75 degrees consistently here in Wisconsin until mid to late June. It's just the way it is and we have come to expect it. There is nothing "unusual" about 50 degree highs in May and in fact, there have been years where we've welcomed it. BUT, for the past 14 days we haven't broken a day time temp lower than 80 and half of those days we've teetered on 90. Today was one of those days. We spent the day out by the pool again today and it was so nice. The girls are just WIPED OUT! Soooo tired. The sun is an amazing thing. It gives us this wonderful bronze appearance (and it's not even June yet!!!!), Vitamin D, warmth and it completely wears by children out. Something that NOTHING has ever been able to do. So, without further ado, congratulations Mr. SunShine! I owe you one but PLEASE stick around through the summer and keep up the good work!!!

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