Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What's So Difficult?

I don't know. When I'm hungry, I eat. When I am tired, I go to bed. Period. When I am completely exhausted I lay my head down, shut my eyes and get rest. Not my children. They spent 3++ days in 80-90 degree temps, ran, swam, played, you name it. Today, back to the busy school day. I took them out for dinner and we went shopping. We get home and they are obnoxious, loud, naughty and did every single thing but listen and/or behave. They are over-tired, crabby and exhausted but yet they REFUSE to lay down and rest. For just over 1 hour now I have been fighting with both of them to go lay down. I can feel the blood pumping through my veins hard and fast and the big one is coming, I'm about 98% sure right now. Remember several weeks back when I talked about how sad about leaving I was. Not today. What on earth is so difficult of going to bed when you are tired? If they only knew how difficult it is to tolerate. As one of my mommy friends said to me this weekend, "I'm starting to think that the phone number to social services should be in my speed dial so I can just call it and say COME AND GET THEM!" Obviously this is light-hearted joke but as a mommy I can relate. To all of you mommies that stay home, GOD BLESS YOU! You are much, much stronger than I am. And yes, this is a fine example of NOT separating the stimulus from the response and just plain ole reacting. I'm good at it and this is my rant for today. Ahhh I feel a little better now. Thanks for listening!

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