Monday, June 14, 2010

It's the Final Countdown

Yes, this is a song but it's also the theme of our days lately. Maggie is SO excited for her 7th birthday, she can hardly stand it. Every morning she wakes up and the first words that pass her lips are "Mom only x more days!" She's never been quite this excited for her big day so it makes me even more excited for her.

So, the theme of the year is "Dancin My Way to Seven" - yup, you guessed it. A DJ, Dance Floor, sparkly dresses, high heels, curls, lipstick, the whole bit. Oh and I didn't mention the fact that I have 14 children all 7 years old and under sleeping at my house on Saturday night. On Sunday we'll know if "sleeping" actually belongs in this sentence - IT BETTER!

She's getting to be such a big girl. For her present we bought her all of the goods to redo her room entirely (well, not the furniture but everything else.) Thursday I'm going to spend all day in there while she's at Grandma's - new bedding, window treatments, pictures for the walls, iPod and dock that matches her bedding :), and all kinds of big girl accessories. I can't wait to do it and give it to her and see her face!

So, as my daughter reminded me this morning ...... Only 5 more days!!!

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