Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ta Da!

Today was spring haircut day for the Mantel girls. Not intentionally though. I took Maggie and Emma to the mall for a Mommy-Daughter-Sister date. We passed a salon and Maggie wanted to go in and get her haircut. Since every morning in our house is a crying, sobbing fit because of tangles and brushes, I didn't waste a second and walked in. I asked Emma if she wanted a haircut and she declined. Maggie hopped in the chair and we were off and running. No sooner did the chunks of hair start to fall to the ground, Emma looked at me and said "Mama I want my hair up to here" and put her hand by her ear. I didn't waste a second - a 4 year old mind changes like a fart in the wind! (Thank you Grandma Loehning - I always liked the "fart in the wind" phrase that you used so often!) Anyhow, back to haircuts. The girls got the same cut, basically. I'm sure you'd never know by looking at them that I am a **HUGE** Victoria Beckham fan ... and they are quite fond of her as well. Emma calls her that "pretty lay that has pretty sunglasses, purses and shoes and talks like Uncle Dominic". :) So, without further ado .... DRUMROLL...............

Maggie Mae

Emma Lu

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  1. That picture of Emma is hilarious b/c she is giving her fake smile sideways as well as facing you. Such a 4 year old.