Monday, April 19, 2010

Whatever You Want, Dear

Maggie calls me at work and says "Mom I want to play a summer sport." My response, "Absolutely! What do you want to do? Soccer, softball...." Maggie: "Why would I want to play softball? I don't like softball. It wasn't fun and I didn't like it." YIKES! ME: "Well what about soccer?" Mags: "Mooooommmmmmm you aren't listening to me! I want to play a summer sport." This is how the conversation this afternoon went. Over and over and over. What sport does she want to play? Your guess is as good as mine! But, having this conversation made me think back to the good ole days when she loved to play t-ball with her BFF Sydney. I love these photos - some of my favorite ever! This was 3 years ago already ... time flies. Enjoy!

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