Saturday, July 3, 2010

American Girl, Here We Come!

My children are not deprived. We have 2 American Girl girls, Molly & Josephina, 1 set of Bitty Twins and 1 Bitty Baby. So, when asked "Can we get an American Girl doll at the store??" The answer is a big fat NO. Between the dolls, the clothes and the accessories we now have invested A TON of money in American Girl. I don't mind - it makes them happy which makes me happy. They've only been to one American Girl Place - the one at the Mall of America. In just a couple of days they are going to the biggest of all, the original American Girl Place on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and we are all VERY EXCITED! I've been there and couldn't wait until I could bring them so I'm pretty anxious.

Originally I wasn't going to let them bring their dolls. Let's face it, I'm a realist. I will be the one that ends up carrying these things around. But, then I thought about it for a few minutes and remember being in the store seeing the multitudes of little girls carrying their treasured American Girl dolls and when I thought about my two little darlings I realized that I can't possibly deprive them of this. They were each told to choose ONE doll to bring. Mags chose Josephina and Emma chose one of the twins, Kaitlan (she named it!). I have now invested the last hour+++ of my life making them pretty - dressing them, fixing hair, etc. After all, we are not going to bring crappy looking girls into the store that they came from!

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