Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yes, we are GLEEKs

GLEE - Maggie loves it. (Even though I spend time on occasion distracting her from the sometimes inappropriate content.) Emma thinks that the musical numbers are great. Steve is a fan and I never miss an episode. I haven't been this adoring to a TV show since Beverly Hills 90210. Even American Idol can't hold my attention this well...except when Chris Daughtry was on but since we know that horrendous and sad story I won't continue. You don't want to hear that rant today. Back on track...We HEART Glee! Sue Sylvester's antics and one-liners make me laugh so hard I cry.

You know that there's a "BUT...." coming, don't you. I got home from work today and Maggie rushed to the door yelling "Mommy, Mommy, I have to tell you about this crazy dream that I had last night. My dream was that we were at the zoo by the monkey's and I pushed Emma into one of the pink monkey butts. Isn't that hilarious!" Sound familiar? If you are a GLEE fan it does. Last episode, Sue Sylvester to Will Schuester: "Sure. I spent large segments of each day picturing you choking on food, and I recently contacted an exotic animal dealer because I had a very satisfying dream that I once shoved your face into one of those pink-inflamed monkey butts." I guess that the only thing I know for sure is that my daughter is now, an official GLEEK.

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