Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Official - I have a Pre-Kindergartener

Where does the time go? You hear people say it nearly every day. How could I possibly have a 7 year old and a nearly 5 year old that is entering pre-k? Most days I'm pretty happy about it. The thought that only 1 year from now my girls will be in the same building at the same time on the same days is nothing short of THRILLING! But, then there are days like today. I remember how tiny she was - only 5 pounds 4 ounces the day we brought her home. She was 10 days old - she came home on October 6 and it was 80 degrees that day. Then she grew up a little each day and now every second of grief that Maggie gives her, she gives 10 back. She loves everything and anything pink, frilly, flowery and pretty. She is somewhat excited for school - depending on the day she either asks if she can go or she says "I not going there Mama". That's my girl ... my baby forever and ever.

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